CHIL wants to improve healthcare in African schools

April 11, 2023
Asalaam alaikum, YouTube Premium is introducing several features to attract and retain subscribers. iOS and web Premium subscribers will get an enhanced bitrate version of YouTube’s 1080p HD video quality in the coming weeks. While 1080p will still be available to all users, YouTube says the enhanced version will make all videos look “extra crisp and clear,”

Google launches AI tool to turn text into music

February 4, 2023
American tech giant, Google, has launched a new AI tool, MusicLM, that helps users generate musical notes from text inputs. The tool, which was created by a team of Google researchers, is similar to ChatGPT, which turns text command into a story or DALL-E that generates images from written prompts. According to the team, the AI program

Egypt gets its first unicorn as MNT-Halan announces a $400 million investment

January 17, 2023
Beryl Tv: Egyptian startup, MNT-Halan, has today announced a $400 million investment that would see it become Egypt’s first unicorn and the first African unicorn in 2023. The startup, which provides financial services and an eCommerce ecosystem for unbanked customers in the North African country, will receive $260 million in equity financing and $140 million